Wood Flooring is very popular for the living room, kitchen, dining room, and often the entire home. The older homes typically would use 2 ¼” oak/pine real hardwood flooring. Today’s flooring you can choose from; real wood, engineered wood, prefinished or wood look-alike Pergo and plank vinyl. Real wood floors are basically indestructible and can be refinished easily at least 5 times depending on how hard it has been used.

No real wood floor does well with water – period. Wood flooring can be used in bathrooms but care must be taken around the shower and tub. Keep an eye out for water around toilets, under refrigerators, dishwashers, sinks and washing machines. If a toilet or sink decides to leak or run over it can spell disaster!! Wood flooring is not the best choice for your wet areas, baths, and laundry rooms. Water on a wood floor will seep under and warp the boards, cupping and twisting them.

So what’s the best place to start if you have wood floor water damage?

hardwood floor water damageFirst, we recommend a shop vac, towels, immediate drying followed by setting up a fan for a few days to dry the wood quickly. If the damage is in a small area a homeowner can either wait for up to 6 months until the wood dries and lays down, or have it replaced. A call to your insurance company would be a good idea. An adjuster will take photos and assess the damage. Often, they will recommend a disaster restoration contractor depending on the extent of the flooding and they will be able to vacuum up the water and expedite the drying with special heat blankets.

An engineered wood floor and prefinished can be easily replaced and color-matched. However, a real wood floor which has been nicely stained and finished can be very difficult to match with new boards. Often times if only a small portion of the flooring is damaged homeowners want to replace it right away and that would cost much more although you have your home back. Or you can wait up to 6 months and sometimes you can’t even see that there was water damage. Patience will be needed here. Accidents happen but floors can be repaired after wood floor water damage.

D.E. Rink Construction focuses on custom home building and remodeling in Bend, OR where a quality real wood floor would usually be the choice as it can last for decades and can be refinished. If you have any questions about wood floor water damage or home building feel free to give us a call today at (541)-388-0719!