What Does a General Contractor Do

If you are considering a big remodel, a significant home project, or need a custom home builder, you may have come across the term “general contractor.” You might be wondering if you really need one, or if you could manage your subcontractors yourself. There’s no denying that big home projects are expensive, and we’re often keen to find easy ways to cut costs. But, a general contractor is a crucial part of the team. Without them, things can very quickly descend into chaos. Jobs can run on for longer, and end up poorly completed. Without a general contractor, you might end up spending much more than anticipated, either on the original job or repairs in the future. 

But, What does a General Contractor Do? What services do they provide to make themselves so completely indispensable? Let’s take a look at some general contractor services to help you understand why you need to hire one for our next home job. 

A Contractor has Home Improvement Knowledge and Connections

General contractors don’t tend to start out as the boss. They often start at the bottom, working as workmen or laborers, before becoming subcontractors. Over the years, they’ll have gained knowledge of all areas of contracting. Whatever job you’ve got, chances are, your general contractor has worked on something similar before. They’ll have knowledge and experience of all aspects of the work. They’ll know where they can and can’t cut corners, and how to do a job well. 

They’ll also have detailed knowledge of building codes. They’ll know if work carried out is good enough to pass inspection, which can mean that you never have to shell out for re-inspection fees. 

Another important thing that a general contractor brings to the table is their connections. You don’t work in this industry for as long as an experienced general contractor has without building a portfolio of valuable contacts. They’ll be able to get great rates and deals, as well as the best supplies and the right people for jobs in hand. All while saving you money. 

The General Contractor Does the Scheduling  

A huge problem on many building jobs is time. Many jobs end up running over budget simply because they end up taking much longer than estimated. Here, a good general contractor is worth their weight in gold. They’ll help layout the estimates in the first place. Then as the job progresses, they’ll be the ones making sure all their subs are hitting targets and bringing jobs in on time. 

Coordination Building with Subcontractors

Things often go wrong when different subcontractors need to come together on a project. They’ve been working separately, managing their own time. Suddenly they need to be in the same place and on the same page. Without a general contractor, this can be messy. With them, coordination is seamless. 

Building with Capital Resources

There’s nothing worse than having your subs down tools because capital has dried up, and they’re not getting paid. A great general contractor will have cash on hand, to pay for supplies and subs upfront, keeping work moving, even if there’s a shortfall. 

Relationships with General Contractors

The best teams are those that work together often. They know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and have positive working relationships. Hire a General Contractor, and they’ll bring people onboard.

We hope we’ve shared some great insights into “what does a general contractor do” and next we want to let you know we’re here if you ever need one. D.E. Rink Construction is a top-rated home remodeler and custom home builder in Central Oregon. Give us a call today at (541)-388-0719!