Turn Your Garage Into a Home Office

There are some people who have been working from home for years, and others who are in the middle of making changes to their home to accommodate working from home more permanently. 

You may be a student, a freelancer, or a business owner. Turning your garage into a home office is a smart use of space. 

Usually, we store cars or other large items in the garage. However, with some smart use of storage and space, you can have the perfect office space too. 

One of the best things about turning your garage into an office is that since you aren’t adding any more space to the area, you don’t usually need planning permission. 

Here are some things for you to consider when you are turning your garage into a home office. 

Clear out Garage Space

As mentioned above, usually the garage is a space for multiple things to live. And not all of it is used. When you decide to convert garage to home office you will need to make sure that it is bare as possible. It is time to get rid of the tools that you don’t use, the boxes of old toys, and everything else that is unwanted. 

Sell them, donate, and put broken items in the trash. The office is typically a better use of space, so you can also consider using off-site storage for things you need to keep, but don’t need to have around. 


As you are redesigning how your garage currently is, you can make comfort your number.1 priority (alongside your productivity, of course). Think about where you will have your desk and chair situated. Do you need additional screens? Are there extra things you need like screen printers, lightboards, markerboards, and more? Think about how the ideal setup might look to you. This should be one of the key elements when you turn your garage into an office. 

Something else to consider when it comes to your comfort is that you need to be kept at the right temperature. You may need to include the installment of a heating system or have additional sockets so that you can have plug-in fans, portable air condition units, or heaters. 

Attic & Garage Door

Your attic could be your secret weapon in the whole garage to office conversion. This will depend on the size of your current garage attic has, and how much work you want to put into the conversion. Using the attic, you can create everything from extra ventilation to storage solutions.

Replacing your old garage door with a new insulated dual-pane glass garage door would give a lot of natural light solutions. Alternatively, it may be in-filled with a wall, insulation, windows, and door. In most cases, the garage will not have the R-value that a standard home has, so having more insulation fitted during the conversion is most likely an essential process.


Most garages do not have windows, and if they do they aren’t sufficient enough to bring a lot of light into the room. Lighting is an essential part of a healthy working environment. You might have some ideas about where the windows would be best situated, but you can easily work with your design team to get the best option. 

In some cases, it is not possible to add extra windows to a garage, due to the structure. You can fill the space with a range of different lighting styles. Large floor lamps, smaller mood lighting, and overhead lighting will give you the best amount of light to work with. 

It is important to make space feel like an office that you enjoy working in and less like a cave that you have to spend time in. Lighting is a key aspect of that. 

Personalization of Your Home Office Space 

garage office conversionUnlike your office space in a company-owned building, you have full control of what this garage to office conversion is going to look like. What this means is you can use your knowledge about how you work best, to create a personal feel to the office. 

When you have the initial plans, and you can see your desk and chair placement, as well as any of the larger tools you use for work. You can begin to further build an entire working environment that is comfortable, productive, and beautiful too. 

During your convert garage to office transition, you will also need to ensure that there is a sufficient fire escape in the event of a fire. 

Turning your garage space into a home office can be a great way to really maximize the space that you have, without requiring any additional builds on the house, and if you find you need some garage office conversion ideas feel free to Give D. E. Rink Construction a call at (541)-388-0719 for a free consultation. D.E. Rink Construction is a top-rated home remodeler and custom home builder in Central Oregon.