Home Remodeling demolition project work budget

Are you considering home remodeling?

The journey to remodel a home from start to finish can be long and exhausting, but when done right, the end result is well worth it. We recently sat down with one of the co-founders of D.E. Rink Construction, Liz Rink to discuss this topic. With over 40 years of industry experience and countless projects, she brings a breadth of knowledge that is rare in this industry. Read on to hear more about her process and upcoming project.

What is your next home remodeling project? And when was the last time you updated your home?

I want to remodel and update my kitchen and master bath. The last time we remodeled our 20-year-old home was 15-years-ago. It is time! But if we want to be finished by summer, we need to start planning now.

Before you begin this home remodeling project, what is your first step?

The first thing I need to do is sit down and have a meeting with my husband, Dave Rink. We bounce around remodeling ideas and concepts, as well as, what we want to spend. Then the next step is to secure financing.  

How do you get inspired for your designs?

I generally get inspired by looking at Houzz.com. I review décor, tile, flooring, appliances and then save the photos to our personal file. Looking at different images helps me have a better idea of what I want when I meet with the suppliers.

Between you and your husband who figures out the costs?

My husband, the owner of D.E. Rink Construction, comes up with a list of what we need and how much it will cost.

Do you need permits for electrical or plumbing?

In some cases, however, most of the over the counter permits are easy to obtain. A full permit is not needed unless we add to the square footage of our home. Our next step is then to measure and draw up a plan for our kitchen remodel, to scale, so we can make a list of materials and acquire quotes to compare with our budget.

When can you hire a decorator? And how long is the process?

After I receive a budget from Dave, I can hire a decorator to help me with colors and material choices. The design work on average takes at least one month. After we hire a decorator I start a file of photos and a box of samples. Once we make the final decision on each thing we measure and order materials. We don’t start construction until supplies are in hand and subcontractors have confirmed the schedule.

When will you box up your stuff?

Once we agree to the budget I’ll box up everything and move out of my kitchen and master bath. If we decide to paint any other rooms we need to move out of those as well. It is hard for me not to paint adjacent rooms and hallways when I’m doing a remodel. It always makes sense for me to do the project completely while we are at it. I find that packing, dust, and disruption is best done all at once.

How long do you think this project will take?

Just a few months! For example, if work starts by March we can hope to be moved back in by May. Then and I can move my microwave out of the family room and stop cooking in our RV. lol!

Thanks, Liz! Any last words on Home Remodeling?

Home Remodeling is disruptive but worth it once it is done! Now is the perfect time to plan your remodel. Contact us to talk about how we can get started planning your home remodeling in Central Oregon today!