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If you’re in the midst of upgrading your kitchen or have recently completed a kitchen renovation, you’re probably aware of how stressful the decision-making process can be. Here, we look at some of the dos and don’ts of remodeling your kitchen.

DO conduct thorough research

Creating your own Pinterest board to compile photographs of your dream kitchen before meeting with a contractor or architect will save you time and money afterward. Consider your ideal layout, appliances, utility, finishes, and color palette, as well as your preferred color scheme. Sort these graphics into two categories: the necessities and the would-likes.

DON’T skip the technical bits

Decide where the ideal location for your sink will be, where you will need electrical outlets, and if you are expanding your kitchen, choose the optimum location for your door and where you will need windows. The arrangement of the rest of the room will be dictated by the functionality of the components in question.

DO think about the purpose of the space

Is your kitchen the focal point of your family’s activities? Do you organize lavish dinner parties and require a large amount of space to prepare for your attendees? Is it your dream to be a master cook using the best appliances available? These specifics will assist your designer in determining the best plan for your kitchen in order to maximize its functionality.

DON’T skimp on kitchen storage

It is partly due to the fact that the kitchens in all of those photographs have been thoroughly cleaned and cleared that they appear to be so appealing. In reality, nothing lives on the counters, and if it does, it has a very precise location. That is why it is critical that you do not scrimp on storage space in your new kitchen design. Think about how many cabinets and pantry space you will need in your new kitchen when planning its layout and decor.

DO think about the flow of the room

Whenever you are working in your kitchen, you should be able to move seamlessly from your prep station to your cooking area. It will be easier to design a functional kitchen floor plan if you understand how the space should be organized properly.

DO listen to your contractor

Keep in mind that your contractor has designed a number of kitchens that have resulted in a lot of satisfied customers. If your contractor claims that something is not working properly or that anything is a little untidy, listen carefully to what they have to say. This will assist you in gaining a better grasp of how your design will function once it has been constructed.

DON’T be too rigid in your thinking

No doubt, you are looking forward to the completion of your kitchen design project. Keep your eyes on the prize, but do not lose sight of the process. With any kitchen makeover, there is a strong likelihood that things will not go completely to plan. 

It is necessary to be a little flexible in order to get past these difficulties. A fixed point of view will only prevent you from appropriately resolving a situation. Instead, anticipate making concessions in at least one area in order to complete the project.

If something goes wrong, you may have to remove something from your design list in order to keep within your budget constraints. If you want everything on your list, you may have to make some concessions or increase your budget.

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