Construction Project Management Process

Project Management is a term that is widely used over a variety of fields ranging from Pharmaceutical Research & Development to Commercial and Residential Construction. Today we want to touch base on our construction project management process.

At D.E. Rink Construction, our project manager is your first point of contact. Clients meet with him to discuss ideas for their building project. They make a plan for budget, schedule, and steps to move forward.

We like to think of Construction Project Management like building a 3D puzzle, yet the pieces of this 3D puzzle are not yet built.  The pieces still need to be designed, shaped, molded, and then assembled to the highest of standards.  This process combines analytics, engineering, design, communication, teamwork, conflict resolution, plus effective and efficient time management from dozens of trade partners.  We as Construction Project Managers help dovetail this process.  In other words, we help take the sketch on a cocktail napkin and turn it into our client’s dream home or beautiful custom remodeled kitchen or bathroom they never knew they would have.

Specifically, we as Construction Project Managers take full responsibility for the construction projects we manage from start to finish.  We manage construction budgets, forecasts, schedules, contracts, quality control, documentation administration, cost engineering, and client relation–to name a few of our responsibilities.

A mentor once told me that a great project manager takes full responsibility for any problems that arise and gives praise to the project team when problems are resolved.

Construction projects are not the work of just one person alone but by a team of professionals.  It is the role and responsibility of a successful project manager to lead and manage this team every step of the way.

We’d like to say that after 40 years of experience in all forms of construction from custom built homes, new home additions, home remodeling, to 5,000 square ft commercial construction projects we’ve worked on in Central Oregon, that we’d be getting tired of the work we do, but that’s far from the case. We still love what we do and wake up every day excited to see what’s in store for us and what dream we can help bring into fruition for our clients!

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