Building on a Slope

A sloped hillside lot can be attractive with amazing views and privacy. What you need to consider are the extra costs of building your home. D.E. Rink Construction is currently building two homes on hillsides and recently finished a beautiful custom home in Three Pines near Shevlin Park with garage and master on the main floor.

Our architects and designers are very talented at snuggling a home into the hillside. When the civil engineer has a look at the plan, they make sure that water is diverted and has a place to flow around the home. And they make sure that the home is safely secured on bedrock. The water from irrigation of the yard and from weather flow into swales which are a shallow basin built into the landscape on your property. The flow of water from the roof and flat surfaces is calculated and drainage collection must be approved by the city or county.

Custom Hillside Home Your costs will be more than a home on a flat lot. The excavation can be six times more expensive depending on many factors such as grade, rock, and access. The foundation will require much more concrete and cost up to three times more. If you are downhill from the sewer line gravity will not help you so a sewage pump is needed to get your waste uphill to the sewer.

The driveway may be a challenge. With smaller lot sizes a steep driveway may be the only access. Installing a heated surface may be the most efficient and safest way to use your sloped driveway in the snow and ice. This option can add quite a bit of cost to the home. It is best to plan before the driveway is installed. Planning your driveway access as level as possible is always the best.

Most people want the master bedroom, living area, kitchen, and laundry on the main floor. The best case is the garage on the main floor. Often, the design for a downward sloping lot is best with main living and garage on the street level and a flex room and extra bedrooms downstairs. An upward sloping lot frequently has the garage on a lower level along with bedrooms and a flex room with the main living on a second story.

Anything is possible!! Don’t shy away from buying a hillside lot until you call D.E. Rink Construction (541)-388-0719 for a free consultation. The views may be worth it!