Building a House During a building a house during COVID-19

If you dream of one day building your own home, something that is entirely customized to your design preferences, something that is entirely yours and that will suit your individual needs, you might think that now – during a pandemic – is a bad time to get started. You might think that ‘one day’ is not today. 

The truth, however, is that it could be the ideal time, although there are some issues that might come up due to the pandemic that you would not need to deal with others. Read on for more details about why this could be the perfect time to start building your custom home, and why it could be difficult (but not impossible) too. 

Reasons To Build New Right Now

There are two main reasons why right now is the best time for you to start building a house. The first is that you should be able to sell your home relatively quickly, giving you the funds you need to support your project. Realtors are reporting record numbers of sales, and those figures are just getting higher. 

The second reason is low housing stock. Although more house sales might be happening than usual (people have become tired of their current homes due to lockdown and spending so much time there are now looking for somewhere new, or perhaps they now have to work from home and need a larger property), there are fewer houses on the market. This means that, once again, your home will sell but finding somewhere new to live isn’t going to be easy – buying land and finally getting on with your dream is a great alternative, and this is the ideal opportunity to take. 

It’s A Safer Option 

We all have to take a great deal of care during this pandemic. Coronavirus is so easily transmissible and so dangerous – potentially deadly – once you have it that we all need to ensure we are doing everything we can to avoid any unnecessary contact with other people. 

If you start searching for a house to live in, you’re going to be coming into contact with all kinds of people; realtors, homeowners, lawyers, and others. If you build a property, however, you don’t need to come into contact with anyone – your contact with contractors can be done remotely, and you can even see a video of the site and the progress that is being made if you want to. Although you shouldn’t decide to build a house just because it offers a safer option than looking at already existing properties, if you are planning to do it anyway, now is a good time for this reason. 

Difficulties In Building A House During COVID-19.

There is, as they say, no time like the present, but just because you have the funds and the time to create your perfect home, it’s not going to necessarily be smooth sailing. Even in ‘normal times’ building a house takes a lot of time, effort, and money, and during a pandemic things could be even more problematic. 

One issue you could come up against is higher material prices. Subcontractors that are still in the industry are either very busy or in short supply. Be patient with schedule and order items early as the supply chain is backed up.

Speaking of materials, it might be difficult to obtain everything you need at this time. Importing materials and goods could have limited supplies, for example – this will delay your build and it might mean you have to compromise on the finish you want. 

Finally, you will need to consider the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) rules. These rules dictate how a construction site can be run, and specifically mention how it should be run during a pandemic. One crew at a time six feet away instead of having 3 teams
doing different tasks in the new norm. 


There are always going to be pros and cons regarding building your own house and when the right time to do it is. Right now, during a pandemic, there are extremes to both the pros and cons, and you’ll need to make the decision that works best for you, and that you are best able to carry out; you wouldn’t want to get partway through a build and for the rules to change, leaving you in limbo. 

Questions about Building Your Dream Home

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