The Story of D.E. Rink Construction – Est. 1979

In 1976 Liz and Dave moved to Bend, Oregon and were married in 1978 (yes, they have celebrated their 40th Anniversary). Dave worked for the Forest Service, as a roofer and dry installer and Liz worked at the Sunriver Country Store. After owning a drywall business in La Pine, Dave decided to embark on his own and start a construction business. Before 1979 the company was known as David Rink Construction and the office was located in the Rinks’ home. To ensure the success of their business they took Small Business Administration classes at COCC specializing in marketing, branding, financial statements, budgets and HR.

D.E. Rink Construction joined Central Oregon Builders Association in 1984. Dave served as President in 1989 and 1999. Through the years it has been a pleasure to attend meetings, serve on the board, attend national conventions and contribute to many volunteer projects. One project they were proud to be apart of was “House in a Week” which Dave oversaw for Habitat for Humanity. An entire house ready to be lived in was built in just a week! Other events they had the honor to be apart of included Ramp-a-thon, Tour of Homes, Career Day at High Desert Middle School, and Homes Shows to name a few.
During the great recession in the mid-2000’s, DE Rink plugged along building and repairing whatever came along. They whittled the staff of 15 down to 4 and most importantly learned how to work smarter.

For more than 40 years, D.E. Rink Construction has had the pleasure to build over 1100 projects. They have weathered several economic downturns which put many builders out of business or forced them to move away. For 15 years D.E. Rink Construction worked in the medical world remodeling all of the St. Charles Hospital campuses, Bend Memorial Clinic, and many private physicians and dental offices.
D.E. Rink Construction is a proud member of Bend Chamber of Commerce. As well as a member of High Desert Design Council where they contribute to a community project each year, such as remodeling at Saving Grace. They are proud to be active in the community and continue to contribute to many non-profit organizations.

Throughout the 40 years of being in business, D.E. Rink Construction has been blessed with talented and dependable employees and is honored to be a family run business. Brianna Janssen, their daughter, was the right-hand office person and decorator for over 10 years. It is impossible to fill her shoes, but motherhood called. Throughout their lives, all of Dave and Liz’s children have helped with the business. Liz continues to be involved in everything from marketing, HR, community outreach, and running the day to day operations of the office. The legacy lives on!

How it all started.

D.E. Rink Construction New Home D.E. Rink Outside new building with truck