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Before you grab your sledgehammer and start ripping things apart in your bathroom, you need to take into consideration a few things. Are you doing a remodeling project or just redecorating? Renovating a bathroom is a big task. You will be doing extensive work and it may take weeks or months to complete fully. This includes changing the plumbing, redesigning the pipework, clearing out the old sink and bathtub to replace them with newer better ones. You will also need to change the lighting, the tiling and maybe even increase the size by knocking down a wall or two.

Here are some things to check off your bathroom renovation list before you start.

Check what you can and can’t do

Check out the local building codes, verifying your ability to get permit requirements. Some local authorities lay claim to your property in some way. They may not own it and they can’t tell you when to sell it, but they can prevent you from doing some things to your own home. If it may cause the value of the property to drop (weird but it does happen), then they may reject your application. If however, you are increasing the value, putting in better higher-quality materials then it won’t be too much of an issue, as long as the plumbing and wiring are done safely.

What happens to your family?

Can your family use a second bathroom while work is ongoing to the main bathroom? If not, then you need to consider where they can go to take a shower, use and toilet, and other such things. You may have access to half the bathroom if you can work it out with your remodeling team. For example, they can work on one half of the room which could be the toilet area, while the shower is still functioning and you can use the downstairs toilet instead.

Be accurate in design, time, and money

When renovating the bathroom, you need to realize time is of the essence. You can’t allow projects like this to linger. So always work with a team that can accurately budget, give you a sound timeline of when the project will be completed, and also makes sure the major things like plumbing fixtures, lighting, and mirrors are chosen beforehand. 

You need a remodeling design plan 

When renovating a bathroom, what to do first can be an endless question. Working with a professional team helps clear up the missing pieces to the puzzle. Their job is to come up with a plan for all the small and large details. They will draw and sketch the bathroom, and come up with an idea of how to get the ball rolling. They’ll begin the process of renovating and cutting an access hold in the bathroom floor for where the new plumbing is going to need access to the underfloor.

Identifying niches

Every bathroom project is different and you may want unique materials for your own. So any stone, glass, and metal choices will be bought and prototypes of features you want will be shown to you in mock fashion. So if you want a unique towel rack made out of copper, they can make a scale model out of cheaper material and make it look like it would for you to see how it might look for real.

The practical side of the design

You also need to think of the insulating qualities of the room. So filling the walls, choosing eco-friendly materials and designs is always going to play a factor in the overall project. You may need to consider how the HVAC will have access to the room, what kind of safety features you have for the lighting, and other things like a TV or radio. You may also want to install eco-friendly countertops that are wooden so working with a carpenter is key. 

Manpower comes into it

The fact is, remodeling an entire bathroom can take a long time, and hiccups along the way can easily occur. You need a team that is experienced but also, one that does not lack the manpower to make huge progress day after day. A team that can show you tangible results as each day or week goes by puts your mind at ease that it will be finished on time, on budget, and to the exact quality agreed.

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