Guest Suites

Guest or In-law suites have become more popular in the past decade. Housing plans have been trending towards creating flexible and comfortable spaces for guests as numerous households expand beyond the typical nuclear family.

Whether it’s long-term guests, in-laws, or an older child who needs a place to settle for a while. The drive towards creating more functional layouts suited for a multitude of living arrangements seems to be most pressing with current homeowners and prospective buyers. New homes builders are beginning to respond to and accommodate the shift toward multi-generational living.  

One reason is “Mother-In-Law” suites and cottages have been around for quite some time,  but now it makes practical sense to build a private space with a full bathroom and possibly its own exterior entry. Something to consider when planning your MIL unit is the helpful guidelines of the ADA (American Disability Act) which recommend adding wider doorways, curbless showers, and lowered countertops in the new home.  All of these additions will help to accommodate those confined to wheelchairs.

The second reason prompting active planning for long-term livability is when homeowners love their home, incorporating a main-floor master suite and second-story master is ideal.  This forethought in planning will allow longer-term living situations for people as they age by removing bothersome stairs for both the disabled and/or advanced age seniors, thereby reducing the possibility of falls and life-altering injuries.  This strategic move eliminates the need to downsize and move out. Privacy and adaptability are something to plan on. The homeowner can utilize the upper master and move downstairs to the adapted master when needed. Until that time this room can be used as an office, guest room, child’s playroom, or study.

A third reason is for adding income potential. The City of Bend allows Auxillary Dwelling Units (ADU) in certain situations. This would look like a separate cottage or above-garage unit. The above-garage unit will usually support the existing footing with the addition of a 2nd story and remove the need to excavate.  This unit could then be rented out with an application to the city.

With the growing trend of families living together again and house guests appreciating having their own private suite, the resale of a home with a dual master suite and/or separate guest suite is a major plus for homeowners across the country.

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